Why we started betterforu.com.au

People have asked us why did we start this project?

In early 2018 we received some terrible news that our father was diagnosed with an aggressive, rare and terminal cancer. We were told that there was no treatment available and nothing we could do. It was literally like being kicked hard in the guts. We were beyond distraught. So incredibly Sad. Utterly Devastated.

How could there be no options? How could there be nothing we could do?

After the initial shock, we just could not accept that death sentence. We made phone calls, lots of them, to friends, family, clients, doctors, anyone at all we could think of to get advice. We started doing our own research, looking for a glimmer of hope somewhere, from someone else's experiences, from anywhere.

We found a drug that might stop the cancer on trial in the US, but that was not going to help us now. We found a drug that might slow it down. It was going to be catastrophically expensive, difficult to get, and unpredictable. 

In our search for answers and for hope, we listened to others who were sick or who knew someone who was. So many kind people opened their hearts to us and shared their experiences and knowledge. We found some things that others have tried, that they thought could help. We hoped these things might make some little difference for our father.

We also got second and third opinions from specialists. In conversation with one of the oncologists we asked "what is the best way to treat these cancers?" He paused, then thoughtfully said "Don't get it in the first place."

We started to think about our own health and thought about what we could do to avoid getting sick. We looked at the products we use everyday at home. 

We started to hunt the globe for health and lifestyle products that we thought would be better, more affordable, and made or sold by ethical businesses. We wanted them for our father, family, friends and ourselves. We found ZQuiet, our favourite anti snoring device, Ultrastream water filters to make alkaline hydrogenated water, Dr Hisham's Organic and natural dental care range, and many other great products. We use every product that we distribute, as do our families and friends. We were asked by so many friends, clients, colleagues about what we have found and were using. This lead to our project - www.betterforu.com.au which has become a labour of love for us too. We are on the look out for more great health and lifestyle products and sharing them with our clients and friends. We thank you for joining us on our journey and for supporting us!

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