The Best Toothpaste for Dental Veneers - MyntSmile

The Best Toothpaste for Dental Veneers - MyntSmile

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Cosmetic Dental Toothpaste

The Only Toothpaste Clinically Proven For Porcelain Veneers, Crowns, Bonding, & Implants

Whats Wrong With Conventional Toothpaste?

Conventional toothpaste is highly abrasive and damages the surface layer of patient's cosmetic restorations. They become more susceptible to stain, tartar and plaque. They lose their shine and their color.

Protects The Surface Layer

MyntSmile® is the only toothpaste made for cosmetic dentistry that still effectively fights cavities, reduces sensitivity, and prevents gum disease. It increases the life of the cosmetic restoration, renews old porcelain/bonding, and provides the gloss that a conventional toothpaste cannot. Patients protect their investment and enhance their cosmetic results by using MyntSmile®.

Better For Your Teeth

MyntSmile® Is Also Better For Your Actual Teeth. MyntSmile® was also tested on enamel and showed to fight cavities up to 27% better than commercial toothpastes. MyntSmile® has been published in RDH, Dentistry IQ, ADHA Magazine, The American Journal of Dentistry, The Journal of Dental Research (Online), Wall Street Journal / Market Watch Section and Yahoo Finance. See the results for yourself! MyntSmile® gently targets stains and discoloring that develop on enamel over time.